yo what is up my diggity dogs. this wessite is currently postpone bc of phil being an asshole -kf20.




to phil, just stop doing what you are doing. it isnt going to change anything, and it doesnt make you any better. you think of yourself as a "based" person, but you are nothing close to it. you shouldnt harass someone just because they "took your account away". you shouldnt harass me. its not like the everyone on earth is going to praise you and think of me as the scum of the earth. also, is a kid dating another kid really that bad? all i did was just ask her for sus pictures, not have like phone sex or sumthin. the pictures were fully consensual, not by me forcing her to do it. i keep her mental health in check, unlike you. all you do is sit around behind a computer, just accusing people of doing stuff they didnt even do. she is the best damn girlfriend i could ever have, and you are just sitting there not getting any bitches. im just going to go out on a limb and say that you are the worst person i know personally, and i have enjoyed every minute of our time apart. i dont wanna sound too narcissistic, but when future comes, i will be atleast kind of successful, making the big bucks. and you will just be glued to your computer desk with your terrible ideas, music, games and stories. all of your friends will stop using discord and have a normal life, succeeding and getting much money and women. i dont wanna sound too much of a downer here, but im sorry that you are reading the future in front of you. your terrible excuses are always the same thing, just "ooh pedo" or something like that. your father would be dissapointed in you. (may he rest in peace) you have invented a new low. you manipulate people, you make people feel terrible for theirselves. you are a terrible person. becoming firends with you was one of the worst decisions i ever made in my 12-year life, and you should take this to heart, but im not trying to force you to do anything. i made this website out of the goodness of my heart, but considering the shit you did, i regret it. so, i wish you well, sorry for the long read.